At Luke Anthony’s, we are a dedicated team of individuals that have the expertise in Barbering, Training, and much more…

We understand the importance of providing a positive environment from the start as we start working and providing a service for our customers. We know we can be a HUGE influence in their lives that is why we offer more than just barber training.

When you join us, we always endeavour to provide you with the highest standard of barber training so you can go on join the barbering industry with confidence and the right skillset.

You will be in a professional environment from your very first day. At Luke Anthony’s we know the importance and value of being in the right environment to get the best results! You will start your training in a realistic barbering environment, working on LIVE clients (Within 3 days). The only difference between us (as a training provider) and a real barbershop, is that we don’t charge clients for our services. You will see results FAST!

You will be in a fun, realistic, professional environment to learn how to become the best barber you can be. We really do not welcome Sour Steve’s or Negative Nancy’s. We are all about getting results and enjoying each moment!

You will be please to know we are the LEADING International Fast-Track Barber Training Provider.

We are the ONLY barber training provider that can get you from zero experience to barbershop-ready within 4 weeks!

We are so proud and confident with our training method we offer you a TRAINING GUARANTEE. If you don’t feel ready to join the barbering industry within our 4 Week Training time frame you can come back to us FREE of charge until you do! We understand that some people just need a little bit longer which is fine our main goal is to get you feeling confident and ready. From previous percentages over 97% of our students with no previous experience are confident and ready to join the barbering industry within the 4 weeks.

On completion of the course, you will enjoy your graduation with your fellow new barbers and you will leave us with your CPD-accredited Intensive Barbering Diploma which will cover you to work either employed or self-employed Internationally. You will be covered for all insurance purposes and council inspections.

Join our mission in making you the best you can be when entering the barbering world!

The Luke Anthony’s Team