Meet My Team

The Luke Anthony’s Team

We pride ourselves on not only having a combined 60+ years experience in the Barbering Industry, but also the extra qualities needed to be superb trainers. We are compassionate, inspiring, patient and energetic! We all have a true love for training and sending our newly qualified Luke Anthony’s Barbers out into the Big, Bad World or Barbering with confidence and all the techniques to build successful careers moving forward.

Throughout your time with us, you will make lifelong friends with us and fellow students!

Your journey with us doesn’t end when you leave! We will always offer you support in finding work, as well as guidance to help you navigate your way into the industry.

Feel welcome to pop into any of our academies and meet us in person. We understand this is big commitment and are happy to have a chat and show you around before you join us!


Stewart Harland

 Luke Anthony’s Training Group CEO

Head Office


EA & Office Manager


Design & Development


Social Media & Marketing

Darlington Team


Darlington Elite Trainer


Darlington Elite Trainer


Darlington Elite Trainer

Edinburgh Team


Edinburgh Elite Trainer


Edinburgh Elite Trainer


Edinburgh Elite Trainer

Greater Manchester Team


Greater Manchester Elite Trainer