At Luke Anthony’s, we have a dedicated team of Assessors and Trainers with over 50 years combined knowledge and experience in the Barbering Industry. With that knowledge and experience, we have put together a UNIQUE Training Program that gets people with no previous experience or very little experience ready to enter the Barbering Industry in 2-4 weeks.


While you are on our Fast Track Intensive Course you will spend 85% of your time CUTTING HAIR – That’s over 45 -90 hours cutting time in 2 -4 Weeks. Which is 2-3 times more than the Government College requirement for a 1-year day release course. Your time is precious and I’m sure you want to be putting your skills into place asap, so why take a year to do something you can do in 2 -4 weeks?

YOU will be cutting hair on Headblocks within 2 hours of joining our course (Yes, really!). You’ll then move onto working on LIVE MODELS within two and half days and will continue to work on LIVE MODELS as well as your Headblocks for the full remainder of the 2-4 week course. So, every single day you’ll be getting that all-important VALUABLE HANDS-ON PRACTICE that we believe is the best way to learn. The Academy runs as a real working barbershop, so you don’t have to worry about dragging in family and friends for you to practice on! We do however experience quite times just like any working barbers BUT do not fear you will always be practicing those important foundation barbering techniques to help you become a Luke Anthony’s Elite Barber.

We have a great regular client base whom we offer FREE haircuts, shaves, and waxing too. They come in and are treated as ‘normal’ customers in every way. You never know what haircut or service is going to walk through the door next, which is what gives you the experience you need to tackle any haircut a customer asks for when you are out in the big wide world of barbering.

At first, you will be doing the haircuts with the full support and training of our dedicated team, who will give you constructive feedback as you cut. By the time you get to the last couple of days of the course, you will be more than capable to confidently cut the client’s hair by yourself with just a little guidance and reassurance from the team. To ensure we can give you full support and training we need you to give us 100%.


With both our 4-Week Elite & 4-Week Premium Courses, we are so confident we will get you to the standard required to enter the barbering industry we offer a TRAINING GUARANTEE that if you are not able to get you to the standard required to enter the world of barbering you will be offered to return FREE of charge until you have covered the criteria to gain your full Luke Anthony’s Barbering Diploma. This is very rare! but we want to give you the reassurance that if YOU don’t feel confident you will not leave us until you do.


On completion of the course, you will leave us will your Luke Anthony’s Barbering Diploma, it is CPD-accredited and will cover you to work either employed or self-employed across the UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada. You will be covered for all insurance purposes and council inspections. Depending on your chosen course you will leave us with the practical equivalent (as we are training you the practical element of Barbering) of NVQ Level 2 and Level 3.

Your theory is covered in a homework format to allow maximum practical cutting time while you are with us; this is checked and discussed daily at the beginning of each day. We do not cover the same amount of theory that is covered when completing an NVQ qualification, we cover what is required for you to work safely and legally as a professional barber. We believe that the theory is essential to work safely as a barber! but the practical hands-on experience is what will get you barbershop ready! You will leave us with all of your up-to-date Insurance Compliant Health & Safety Manuals and a good understanding of all the Laws and Legislation of the industry. (These you can refer back to as you gain further experience in Barbering if necessary)

If – for any reason – you are not able to cover and complete the practical assessments required to gain your full barbering diploma you will be asked to return to carry out further training.


These are the techniques you’ll learn and become proficient in during your course:

CLUB CUTTING – Taking sections and knowing how to follow your guide, understanding angles, and the results you achieve from those angles.

SCISSOR OVER COMB – A must-know technique! This will be used in EVERY hair cut you do.

TEXTURIZING – This technique allows you to give texture and a uniquely individual feel to every hair cut it also allows you to take out weight where necessary.

CLIPPERING – This is when you learn how to blend the length on top to the desired clipper guard length on the side precisely and evenly. The longer the hair on top and the shorter the on the sides the harder it is to get the blend. (This takes a lot of practice and you need to combine all the above techniques to achieve the blend)

CLIPPER-OVER-COMB –  This technique is very similar to scissor over comb. You can use both techniques to achieve the same results but once the clipper over comb technique is MASTERED you will be able to do your haircuts faster they will be more precise, even, and sharp.

TAPERING AND EDGING – This is where you finish the hair cut to give it that sharper clean edge around the hairline. If you taper it around the edges the haircut will look clean and sharp for longer.

All of the above techniques are the main foundation techniques in Barbering.

We train you to do all these techniques ‘the Luke Anthony’s Way’, and to do it really well!

Once you have completed the course and you go into the big wide world of barbering you will be shown and watch different techniques and methods used by experienced barbers all the time. You will try them and practice them and get better at them over time. as you gain experience.

We always recommend trying different techniques once you know the foundations REALLY WELL, what we offer you is that solid foundation in barbering so you can enter the barbering industry confident in those techniques.  So, when you are out there on your own and trying out these new techniques, if it all goes wrong and doesn’t quite go the way you had first hoped YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO THE SOLID FOUNDATION you learned with us.

WE GET YOU TRAINED IN 2-4 WEEKS BY GETTING YOU TO PRACTICE AND PRACTICE FOR OVER 45-90 HOURS!!!! The average day release NVQ college courses offer you 36 hours of practical cutting time over a WHOLE YEAR.


The answer is: NO

It’s not for you if you won’t give us 100% over that 2-4 weeks.  You CANNOT miss any of it or refuse to cut hair! I know you may be thinking why would I invest my time and money into this course and refuse to cut hair. Believe me, it has happened. This course will take you out of your comfort zone quickly every barber training course/provider will take you through that uncomfortable stage. It’s up to you if you want to go through that comfort zone barrier quickly with us or over a long painful process with other training programs. One thing is for sure you will need to push through your comfort zone no matter where you choose to train.

For us to get you to the standard required you will need you to Eat, Drink and Sleep Barbering for 2-4 whole weeks, so you can leave us and truly act and think like a proper barber!


You want to be trained to cut hair to a high standard super-fast and are happy to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

You will be ready to start earning money or making more money in this Fun, Sociable, Fast moving, Rewarding, Flexible, People-pleasing industry.


Darlington – County Durham

Edinburgh – Scotland

Call for a chat on:  07494 873524

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or queries about Luke Anthony’s Barbering Academy or our product and services. Please see our Terms & Conditions as well.



We have very high standards here at Luke Anthony’s. Our reputation as a top training provider has been built by us training our students to a high standard in our techniques, and we make sure each and every student reaches that standard with us. If any student doesn’t meet our required standard on our 4-Week Course, we will happily invite you back to complete another course ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge until you reach the required level.

We have only ever had 2% of our students not reach the required standard by the end of their course, so don’t worry!  You’re in good hands and we’ll do everything we can to get you up to speed on your course. The few that don’t manage to cover the criteria required to gain your full diploma is normally due to the fact they have not been able to attend the full course and missed a day due to personal issues, if you miss ONLY ONE DAY, you will miss a whole cutting foundation technique and struggle to complete the course with us; that’s why we are so strict with our timescale.

These are some examples:

  • People who are always late or want to go home early to miss the traffic, if you miss 2 hours of the course every day you will miss A LOT! We don’t always offer the course free-of-charge, depending on the circumstances. We will always discuss this with the student to try and make it work.
  • Some people are just not naturals, unfortunately. Although I do believe that there are very few people who can’t be trained, some people will be good barbers but will never become Elite Barbers; even if they were trained by our UK’S Awarding winning Barber himself! They usually know this and are aware of it quickly. They will always be welcome back FREE of charge until they are able to Barber to our standards.

Please note: if you are not able to attend the full course for whatever reason will be unable to honor our Training Guarantee.

“Just completed my 2-Week Intensive Course in the Aldershot Academy with no previous barbering experience and I am amazed at how much I have learnt from Hayley and Ellen, who are both so patient and professional with their training method and a great laugh. I can’t thank them both enough for all the training and support they have given me.”

Nathan Hayes , Former Student

“I completed a Fast Track Barbering Course in the Darlington Academy last week and would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a career in Barbering. The teaching was so professional, and the atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly. They’ve given such great advice and give you the confidence ready to work in a barber shop.”

Kerry Brown, Former Student